Himalayan Consensus

About Himalayan Consensus

Himalayan Consensus is a holistic development paradigm that emphasizes the integrity of planetary eco-systems as an indispensable basis for socio-economic development. The process concentrates on Himalayan knowledge and traditions and channelizes the same through Himalayan Consensus Summit, an annual summit, to forge solutions that address contemporary challenges concerning identity marginalization, economic disempowerment and environmental disruption.

About Himalayan Consensus

About Himalayan Consensus Summit

Our Agenda

The agenda of the HCS is to design and create sustainable solutions based on grass root and alternative efforts that are being developed. It aims to implement innovative solutions of social entrepreneurs into globally relevant models for an environmentally enhanced economic development that harmonizes the concerns of human communities, commercial enterprises, and the natural environment.

Our Core Principles

  • Protecting ethnic diversity and indigenous identity
  • Facilitating sustainable economic programs, innovative financial models and socially-responsible businesses
  • Prioritizing environmental protection and community development