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Himalayan Consensus Summit


The Himalayan Consensus Summit (HCS) is a multi-stakeholder event that explore holistic development paradigm.

Linkfest Talk on Economic Development in Landlocked Countries Part 2

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Linkfest was a follow up to the “Night of the Ideas”, a worldwide event, organized for the first time in Nepal by Alliance Française Katmandou (AFK), French Embassy and Nepal Economic Forum (NEF) themed “A Common World”.
The theme for Linkfest was Le Temps de l’Action (Thoughts to Action) – Landlinked Not Landlocked. The idea behind this talk was to make a shift from vision to action. It sought to gather people from various fields to share their experiences on how the concept of landlinked is beneficial.

HCS 2017: Closing Session

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The agenda of the HCS program is to design and create sustainable alternative solutions based on grass root and alternative efforts that are being developed. It aims to implement innovative solutions of social entrepreneurs into globally relevant models for environmentally enhanced economic development that applies Himalayan traditions towards contemporary challenges and priorities, and harmonizes the concerns of human communities, commercial enterprises, and the natural environment.

Session 6: Mitigating future conflicts and moving towards shared commitments

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This session highlighted the importance of building a healthy relationship with the locals rather than using excessive military strength in order to resolve conflict. Further, it discussed human rights such as right to live peacefully and be equally treated. The importance of protecting cultural heritage sites during war, generating new employment opportunities and conducting educational dialogues to mitigate conflict was emphasized. The session was moderated by Laurence Brahm, Founder, Chair, Himalayan Consensus Institute.

HCS 2017 Session 5: Community empowerment through social innovation

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This session underscored the importance of incorporating local knowledge to ensure sustainability of any business or project. Community empowerment follows social innovation only if local leaders are identified and directly and indirectly involved in those initiatives. The session also highlighted contemporary challenges to furthering such projects in local communities and potential solutions to them leveraging social and technological innovations. The growing significance of data usage in solving problems facing the world today was also discussed. This session was facilitated by Tze-wei Ng, Deputy Director for Asia, PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law.

Session 4: Empowering the communities through conservation

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This session stressed on the need for conservation of nature and culture to empower local communities. The
importance of various initiatives of conservation, such as conducting sustainable ecological interventions, adopting
conservation policies, preserving and applying traditional knowledge were discussed. Similarly, encouraging
mutual transfer of knowledge from traditional artisans to communities and vice versa, archiving cultural heritage and facts
along with maintaining correct information was also stressed upon. The session was moderated by Gregory K. Tanaka,
Founder, Sierra Consensus Institute.