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Himalayan Consensus Summit


The Himalayan Consensus Summit (HCS) is a multi-stakeholder event that explore holistic development paradigm.

Indigenous Knowledge and Global Wellness

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More scientific research is needed to find a common ground to integrate ancient healing practices and modern medical science. Even though each domain works in its own sphere there is common ground in holistic methods. There is growing encouragement for modern healers to collaborate with traditional healers to bring greater benefit to human health.

Searching for A Realistic Picture

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When different people are drafting scenarios of the future, even if all have the same level of information, they will get to different result. Usually the one closest to reality will lead to leverage most opportunities. Even though this is easy to understand, in reality it does not always work that way.

SmartPaani @ Dharan

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Dharan receives over 2000 mm of rain every year (average – 5 years, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology). A household having a roof of 100 sq. meter could trap 200,000 liters of rainwater of which 160,000 liters can be used. For a family of four using 100 liters per person per day can theoretically live off rainwater throughout the year.