March 23, 24 & 25, 2018


Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur

Himalayan Consensus

Himalayan Consensus is a holistic economic development paradigm that emphasizes the integrity of planetary eco-systems as an indispensable basis for socio-economic development. It offers fresh, holistic, and pragmatic approach to realize both inclusivity and sustainability.

Himalayan Consensus is a process that involves convening an annual conference, Himalayan Consensus Summit (HCS), which brings together both grass roots and NGO pioneers of social enterprise across the region, together with business and financial leaders, for seeking pragmatic ways to scale local solutions. HCS is a process that focuses on concrete outcomes.

Himalayan Consensus Summit

HCS 2017 was built on delivered commitments from HCS 2016 such as: the heritage preservation fund launched by Himalayan General Insurance; a renewable energy and water conservation fund established by leading Nordic merchant bank SEB; and a youth innovation award for climate and community data apps offered by American technology pioneer Galvanize, Inc.

Commitments of HCS 2017 are: a program for digital archiving of historical sites in the Kathmandu Valley by the Institute for the Research of Tibetan Buddhist Heritage, Palace Museum, Beijing in collaboration with UNESCO; twenty scholarships offered for students from the Himalayan region pursuing Masters in Sustainable Development by the Future Generations University, USA; and an insurance program being established by the Hong Kong based reinsurance group Peak Re for earthquake-prone regions.