Key Outcomes of HCS 2017

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HCS 2017 concluded by announcing the achievement of outcomes from HCS 2016, followed by new commitments for the year ahead.

Celine Cousteau, Founder, CauseCentric Productions, announced completion of her decade long documentary “Tribes on the Edge” filmed in remote regions of the Amazon and now plans to commence Tribes on the Edge focusing on vanishing Himalayan mountain communities.

Christopher Flensborg, Head of Climate and Sustainable Financial Solutions, SEB, announced that SEB will launch a Himalayan Consensus Renewable Energy and Water Conservation Fund in 2017. This would only be possible with the help of people on the ground to reach projects and ensure that there is presence, ownership and conservation. Himalayan challenge is a global challenge and that there is a need to help each other to solve problems and create a meaningful society through inclusive finance.

Mahendra K. Shrestha, Chairman, Himalayan General Insurance (HGI) Co. Ltd., announced establishment of a USD 20 million fund entitled Himalayan Heritage Hotel Fund. It has a vision of conservation, sustainability and economic prosperity which are all very close to the spirit of Himalayan Consensus. The fund seeks to bridge the gap between traditional hospitality and financial sustainability, issues regarding long-term ecological balance and current global trends. The fund aims to invest in development and management of unique properties across the Himalayan region and harness the collective potential of the history and natural heritage combined with sound business, finance and technological support.

Ryan Nadeau, Director of Special Projects, Galvanize, Inc., announced a USD 300,000 annual award to youth innovators of data applications for farming communities. The project focuses on small farmers and seeks to address the problems they are facing due to various factors such as climate change. It believes that access of data and information regarding change in the environment is crucial in helping the farmers to make effective farming decisions. This is a worldwide competition with preference given to local innovators across the Himalayas.

The commitments that are outcomes of HCS 2017 included:

Daniel Taylor, President, Future Generations University, announced twenty scholarships for students from the Himalayan region undertaking Master’s Degree studies in Sustainable Development. It is a distinctive kind of degree for professionals seeking to create a dialogue among them and establishing collaborative knowledge about best practices.

Eckart Roth, Chief Risk Officer, Peak Re, announced plans to establish an insurance program for earth-quake-prone regions of the Himalayas, focusing mainly on emergency relief and reconstruction. As insurance is believed to be essential for stable economic growth, Peak Re has been working on the idea of reinsurance and a product that addresses disaster issues in an efficient way.

Hon Wai Wai, Institute for the Research of Tibetan Buddhist Heritage, Palace Museum, announced cooperation with UNESCO in digital archiving of Nepal’s great religious heritage sites. The collaboration ex-tends to the Department of Archaeology in order to archive the murals, artifacts and architecture of Nepal. Along with the conservation of heritage, the process will contribute in the exchange of knowledge and skills between various institutions.

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